Devotions for the Classroom

The Little Test

Once upon a time, a Little Test went to school to help the students. However, some students didn’t like it. “I don’t like this Test. Send it back where it came from!” said Albert … read more.

Is This What Faith Smells Like?

Have you ever smelled something yummy before you have seen it? Did you look around for it? If it wasn’t there, were you disappointed? … read more.

How to Hold a Grudge

(Reader 1 holds closed box; Reader 2 stand in the centre with closed box accessible behind him; Reader 3 stands with head down until part begins) Reader 2: “What’s in the box?” Reader 1: “I’ll show you, but you can’t hold it.” Reader 2: “Oh, c’mon—please? I promise I won’t drop it.” … read more.

Is There a Thesaurus in the Hall?

“I don’t want to go to school tomorrow,” said Olivia. “Why not?” asked Pippi. “You really love reading, though I can’t understand why. I like Science.” “Mrs. Fairweather said that we are starting a new Science unit tomorrow. Then she said that she’s bringing her thesaurus to school for us to see,” said Olivia. I don’t like Science, and I’m afraid to see her Thesaurus.” … read more.

Tugged the Right Way

Rocco slid off the ramp into the bay and floated up to the dock. “Hi—I’m Rocco the Sailboat—who are you?” he asked the two boats sitting there. “I’m Winnie the Speedboat—but I guess you can tell I’m a speed boat—I’m all shiny and yellowy and…speedy-looking! My job is to take people for fast rides in the bay. Wow—your sails look new,” said Winnie. … read more.

Can You Tame Your Tongue?

Play opens with Cleo on stage moving around with a net, looking left, right, up, & down. Cleo goes off; “Tongue” comes on, moving around looking left, right, up & down. Tongue goes off. Suddenly, they both pop up in opposite corners, looking away from each other, but backing towards each other. As they collide, Cleo turns & tries to catch Tongue in the net. They battle for a few seconds, then Tongue excapes offstage. Enter Pepper. … read more.

Song of Deliverance

Task: ~To find/use nouns, verbs, pronouns which emphasize God’s greatness ~To illustrate Moses’ song of God’s greatness in His victory over the Egyptians … read more.

Guarding Your Heart

Student A: (Rings bell; looks confused) H-hello…is anyone here? Storekeeper: (bustles in, jovial) Please, come in—come in—welcome to Guards R Us --How may I help you? Student B: (still confused) Well, we’re looking for a way to guard— … read more.

Exalting God

Turn over your letters. What word can you spell with them? (Hints: it’s a verb; it begins with an “e”). Have a laugh at the words they come up with, then… -Where have you heard this word before? … read more.

Methuselah’s Diet

Methuselah ate what he found on his plate, And never, as people do now, Did he note the amount of the calorie count; He ate it because it was chow. … read more.

Ready?  One, Two, Three…

Yes—Recess! Time for soccer. I wrestled my apple from my lunch kit and slammed the locker door shut. “Hey Thomas, I’ll see you on the soccer field!” I scurried by my friend’s locker on my way to the door. Thomas always beat me outside, but today I was first. “Hey, Malcolm—c’mon, we’re ready to start! Where’s Thomas?” Ben bounced the soccer ball, then threw it in the air. … read more.

Give Me A Hand!

Does someone in your family hold hands? Why do we hold people’s hands? (i.e., caring, safety, helpfulness). Whose hand do you like to hold? Why? (Give each one a turn, depending on time; discuss) … read more.

God Feeds & Protects

Teacher: (Standing in front of class, looking through tube to back of room) Hmmm…I don’t see them yet, but they should be here any minute. … read more.

God’s Word Has All You Need to Know

Today we’re doing a word search in the Bible! It’s a bit different than the ones you usually do. The Psalmist wrote down his thoughts and prayers that God gave him. Some of these are in Psalm 119. He used some important words over and over (discuss words). Find as many words you can. It is a very long Psalm, so we may not do the whole thing together. … read more.

Got Mad?

-2 medium-sized red balloons - the first one will be popped & the second one will just be blown up, so get at least one that pops easily -use 1st balloon & put 2nd one out of sight … read more.

“Wow” Worms

-Does “fearfully” mean scary-looking, like the scale worm? (fearfully- the sense that God’s infinite power could make something as amazing as our bodies) -How are we like the scale worm? (it eats, lives in its special environment, was created by God) … read more.

Not Me!

Not Me was a student in (insert grade) class. She was very, very small and very, very shy, so she liked sitting at the back of the class. She had a tiny, quiet voice which no one could hear (unless they were really listening). She was so very, very quiet, in fact, that sometimes her classmates forgot she was there. They forgot about her until the teacher asked them to do some Very Hard Things. … read more.

The Day God Thundered

Who can talk to me using an “inside” voice? How about an “outside” voice? Wow—that was a yell! Why do people yell? (mad, excited, afraid, want to get someone’s attention). … read more.


Has anyone ever said something mean to you? Has someone ever told you something nice about yourself? (call on student) … read more.

“Justin Case”

(Teacher) I’d like to introduce you to someone who is new to our classroom. It may look like________(child’s real name), but right now his name is Justin. Justin Case. Justin, I see that you have brought a lot of things with you today. May I ask you about them? … read more.

Making God’s Word Part of Us

What is a secret formula? Why is it secret? What might it be used for? … read more.

How Should God’s Word Affect Us?

Do you ever pray for yourself? What do you pray for? Psalm 119 gives directions on praying for different parts of ourselves, and how it should affect us … read more.

God is Truth

Listen to this verse (Read John 14:6) What does it say about God (He is the Truth! He is the only way for us to get to heaven.) Now, listen to these verses (read Eph. 6:10, 11) What are we supposed to wear? (armor) … read more.

How Important is God’s Word to Us?

Needed: •rock (with one flat surface for writing) for each student (could be gathered as a class on an alternate day, or brought in individually) … read more.