Devotions for Teachers

Teacherdevos is saying goodbye.

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Who’s Calling, Please?

Outside, it was a hot, spring afternoon. But inside the classroom, the Gr. 3 students were in the middle of a long winter. They sat tensely on the carpet as the teacher read from … read more.

Hi-O Sliver, Away!

A student appears at the office counter—hand outthrust. “Can you please take out my sliver?” … read more.

What Was I Thinking?

Trying to remember why you became a teacher? Thinking about a change? It was Career Dress-Up Day in kindergarten. … read more.

Mathematically Speaking

My times tables are in Your hands. Every day, someone or something adds to my workload, … read more.

Things I am Thankful For…

(Reflections of a Gr. 7 student) … read more.

Blessed Are the Teachers Who Learn

Blessed are the teachers… …who open 15 thermoses, pudding cups, and yogurt tubes at lunch for they shall learn to eat their own lunch quickly. …who have difficult parents for they shall learn the fine art of delicate conversation. … read more.

Is There a Pencil in the House?

It was the time of year when the yellow school buses come out of hibernation. They roam the land, swallowing student clusters in the morning, and spitting them out in the afternoon. Today was The First Day. The pencils were excited, but nervous. … read more.

Checking Out

Before you go, why not look over that year-end list one more time… … read more.

Can We Laugh Now?

The end of the year is in sight! However, there is always that last, looming pile of paperwork and gaggle of goings-on to scale before you lock your door for the final time. Here is a dose of funnies to get you through —one teacher’s collection of Gr. 3 conversation scraps that were sprinkled throughout her year: … read more.

Do You Want the Truth?

The day was not going well. The two boys had hounded and pestered each other throughout the morning, and the Special Ed. Assistant listened one last time. Abandoning the academics, she took them out to the empty playground for some social skills work. The goal: to practice positive put-ups, and to carry that practice back inside for the rest of the day. It worked for awhile… … read more.

Just Pencil Me In

As one of the first items on the supply list, how could we survive without our faithful yellow #2’s? And what will happen as a result of them? “Do you have a pencil I can borrow?” “I can’t find my pencil.” “The ones in my desk? No, those six are broken.” … read more.

Do I Smell Faith?

Outside, a bus rumbled to a stop. Voices swarmed into the hall. Bang, slam, clomp, clomp, stomp, stomp. Quietness fled as the classroom door opened. The Gr. 3’s were back from a field trip. … read more.

Will Someone Get the Lights?

Have you attended a spirited church/school staff or board meeting lately? Here is one you may want to avoid: … read more.

Number Sense

A staff member and two younger boys who shared birthdays were being honoured during a school wide event. The staff member leaned down and spoke to the Gr. 1 student standing in front of him. … read more.

My Wallet & Keys, They Comfort Me?

In preparation for school departure each morning, a teacher always hung his jacket in the same place, with wallet and keys in the same pocket. One day, however, the jacket was gone. He couldn’t be late to school—he was leading staff devotions. As wallet and keys eluded, anxiety rose, peace fled, family members were late to work, steps were retraced. “Check the trailer—you were out there yesterday”. A mad dash revealed the jacket, with wallet and keys inside. … read more.

The End

What? End of the year? Am I done? But…this year has been way too much fun! … read more.

Stress Test

(Adaptable for a skit) (loosely based on the January 2012 article from Learn. Teach. Lead., regarding Mayo Clinic’s suggested strategies for getting stress under control) 2 Corinthians 7:5 Paul was stressed? Yes. Many times. That may make you say, … read more.

Rain is Raining

If you’ve spent any time in the northwest, then you’ve observed the plethora of precipitation options. Given that, it’s always a bit exciting to check the variable verbiage on the daily forecast, just so you can dress for the weather. Here are some predictions which will never appear: Rain with no clouds. Sunny with a chance of clouds … read more.

Phonetic Faith

Do you ever long for the simple faith of a child? Do you wish you could believe what the Bible said was true—just because--instead of being filled with questions and uncertainty? Read on. … read more.

Positively Negative?

We teach positives and negatives in many subjects, as in Math, Science, and Literature. Sometimes we even receive them, free of charge, from parents, coworkers, and family. How should we handle these? Very carefully, or they will become positives and NEGATIVES. … read more.

Scaling Down

During a professional development day, staff learned about the 5-Point Scale (K. D. Buron & M. Curtis). Number 1 (green) is your optimum sunny disposition. Number 5 (red) is your terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad self, with other colours, numbers, and actions between. … read more.

An Alarming Thought

The school alarm had gone off at 4 a.m. (It’s OK to laugh if you weren’t the one phoned at 4 a.m.) An intruder? No. A vandal? Wrong. The real culprit? … read more.


“Mrs. Zildenhoffer, Wilfred is chasing me, and he’s going to hit me!” One look at Wilfred, and you know he won’t back off easily. He’s in a crisis mode. “Wilfred, breathe.” Just breathe, Wilfred. In and out. In and out. That’s it. In a bit, we’ll go on to the next step in the behavior plan. But for now… … read more.

Stuff Too Heavy To Lift

The shrink-wrap is barely off of the new school year, and the smell of wax and new white board markers rule the air. Staff members dribble in for their meeting before the students arrive next week. Some flop gratefully into a chair. Others fidget, glancing at their watches. Listen in on their various thoughts as the principal begins. … read more.