devotions for Christian teachers

Devotions for Teacher - My Wallet & Keys, They Comfort Me?

In preparation for school departure each morning, a teacher always hung his jacket in the same place, with wallet and keys in the same pocket.  One day, however, the jacket was gone.  He couldn’t be late to school—he was leading staff devotions.  As wallet and keys eluded, anxiety rose, peace fled, family members were late to work, steps were retraced.  “Check the trailer—you were out there yesterday”.  A mad dash revealed the jacket, with wallet and keys inside.

Ironically, it was a great unplanned intro to his morning thoughts on Psalm 23.  What teacher doesn’t have daily events that spike their anxiety level?  Escaping them is usually not an option (unless you have a stellar event planner).  The teacher encouraged the staff, rather, to have a “peaceful place” of retreat (no, not under your desk).  Maybe it’s in the middle of a quiet, grassy field.   Maybe it’s a quiet corner in your local coffee shop.  Wherever it is, go there as often as possible to reflect on and rest in the Lord.