Devotions for Teachers

Devotions for Teachers

Do I Smell Faith?

Outside, a bus rumbled to a stop.  Voices swarmed into the hall.  Bang, slam, clomp, clomp, stomp, stomp.  Quietness fled as the classroom door opened.  The Gr. 3’s were back from a field trip.

“Hey—where’s the movie?”

“What’s that smell?  Are we having a movie?”

“I know there’s popcorn in the microwave.”  Click.  “Hey—where is it?”  Slam.

“Cool—we’re having a movie!”

“I get popcorn!”  Click.  Slam.

“Is it in here?  Click. Slam.

“I smell popcorn.  Are we having a movie?”

“When is the movie?  Is there popcorn?”  Click.  Slam.

“Yea—popcorn!”  Click.  Slam.  “What movie is it?”

Their festive mood dampened at the announcement that: 

1. There was no popcorn and no movie 

2. They needed to sit down and take out their books for silent reading because school wasn’t over for another half-hour.

“But where’s the popcorn?  I know there was popcorn.  Did someone else get it?”

“Hey—that’s not fair!  Is someone else having a party?”

“Another class is having a party?  We should be able to go—they’re having popcorn!”

“Which class is having popcorn and a movie?  Why can’t we go?”

“Yea—school is almost over- we can’t do any more work anyway!”

The rest of the story: A high-school student had used the class microwave to pop a bag for her lunch.  Though the student had been gone for an hour, there was still enough aroma to fuel the faith of the Gr. 3 students who were ready to crash a party that surely must be going on somewhere without them.

 “The extraordinary power of Satan must not discourage our faith, but quicken us to more earnestness in praying to God for the increase of it.”  Matthew Henry’s Commentary

Heb. 11:1