Devotions for Teachers

Devotions for Teachers

Just Pencil Me In

As one of the first items on the supply list, how could we survive without our faithful yellow #2’s?  And what will happen as a result of them?

“Do you have a pencil I can borrow?”

 “I can’t find my pencil.”

“The ones in my desk?  No, those six are broken.”

“Don’t start the test yet!  I have to put the lead back in my mechanical pencil!”

“Liam took it.”

“Can I sharpen my pencil?”

“Wait—this is the wrong lead for my mechanical pencil.”

“My sharpener is broken.”

 “Because I bit it off.  I always bite them off when I get a new pencil.  And Rachel has my bigger eraser and says it’s hers but it’s not.”

“I’m telling that you’re using the electric pencil sharpener for your pencil crayons.  TEACHER!”

“I spilled shavings all over the floor.  Should I sweep them up now?”

“The electric pencil sharpener won’t work.” 

“My sharpener needs emptying.”

“But I like it this small—it’s how I always write!”  (Boy pencils: pencils that are approximately 3cm long, and loved by boys)

“I know--the lead broke inside when I dropped it.”

“Teacher, Ethan’s not listening.  He’s taking his sharpener apart with his scissors.”

“Help!  There’s a pencil crayon jammed in the electric sharpener.”

“No, go find your own pencil!”

“My mom won’t send anymore.  She says I lose too many.”

“Try erasing really fast, then smell the burning smell!” 

“No!  I want to use pen!”

“I thought I gave it back to you, teacher—sorry, I know you said it was your special one.”

“Though the instruments be weak and unlikely, yet God often chooses such, to bring about great things by them.”  Matthew Henry, on Zechariah 4:10