devotions for Christian teachers

Devotions for Teachers - Will Someone Get the Lights?

Have you attended a spirited church/school staff or board meeting lately?  Here is one you may want to avoid:

Dear Members,

We are calling for a special (name your group) meeting next Thursday.  Due to the animated discussion at our last meeting, we have applied the following safeguards:

-We found that too many members were being run into the ground.  We will set up pylons around the table to avoid this.

-We are requiring each member to wear a reflective vest during the meeting.  This will allow them to see the other person’s side.

-Someone has graciously donated steel-toed boots in all sizes, as a precaution for having crushed toes.

-An ambulance will be on call to treat injured feelings or a nose out of joint.

-The bus will be removed from the property.  At our last meeting, a board member was severely injured when they were thrown under it.

We also welcome a local community business representative to be our guest for the first part of our evening.  They somehow heard about the difficulties in our last week’s meeting, and jumped at the chance to help us out.  In fact, Lue from Lucifer’s Lighting (“We’re closer that you think!”) would like to set the tone for our evening by installing special ambiance light dimmers.   This would give us opportunity to decide if we are interested in trying the dimmers in our church/school.  They would like to encourage our business in any way that they can. This is part of their ad:

“Lucifer’s Lighting has a special place in our heart for churches and Christian Schools, and we would like to target YOU!  We have, in the past, even installed outdoor garden lighting!”

Lue said that the garden lighting was a very effective venture, and really kick-started their business (though the clients tried to sue him for making the garden too dim, causing them to eat the wrong fruit)

After hearing his presentation, we will ask you to help us decide if this is truly the direction in which we want to go.  Does this sound like something that we can afford?

Hope to see you then!

2Cor. 11:14

John 8:12