Devotions for Teachers

Devotions for Teachers

Can We Laugh Now?

The end of the year is in sight!  However, there is always that last, looming pile of paperwork and gaggle of goings-on to scale before you lock your door for the final time.  Here is a dose of funnies to get you through —one teacher’s collection of Gr. 3 conversation scraps that were sprinkled throughout her year:

One girl tried to pass off her dictionary as her Bible. She had forgotten her Bible at home and knew she would receive a consequence for not being prepared for class.  Who says students are not resourceful?

"A snake looks like an old Egyptian man."

"Why is the surface of the earth always lumpy?"

Teacher: Where is your scarf?

Student: I don't know.

Teacher: Well you just had it. Did it grow legs and walk away?

Student: No, it army-crawled.

Student playing with her toy: "My toy's wish is to fall off the Grand Canyon!"

Teacher: What am I going to do with you?

Student: Put me in the attic?

A student was crying and upset because of an incident that had happened with two boys at recess. She went to the teacher, bawling, and gasped, "Teacher! All I want to do right now is PRAY!"

Teacher: How much would a box of chocolate weigh--14 ounces or 14 pounds?

Student: Well, you'd GAIN 14 lbs...

(Teacher, calling on a specific student)

Teacher:  What's the answer to number four?

Student: (pause)… Well…what do YOU think this answer is? (big cheesy smile)

Student: Do we have to write in cursive?

Teacher: Of course.

Student: You're breaking us!


Hi Teachers,

Do you have a few funnies like these that you would like to contribute to this site?  If so, please send them on to .  We can’t promise to use them all, but will try to post as many as we can over the year.  Because they will be anonymously shared (no personal or school names) no one will be in danger of becoming rich/famous.  However, if you would like to make some teachers laugh, send on!  You may send as many admissions as you like (no one can remember them all at once).