Devotions for Teachers

Devotions for Teachers

Hi-O Sliver, Away!

A student appears at the office counter—hand outthrust.

“Can you please take out my sliver?”  Tomorrow, it might be a student from Gr. 1.  But today, it is someone from Gr. 10.  

Removal requires a cool hand and a keen eye.  Some can watch, while others….

“No—I don’t want to look.”

“Will it hurt?”

“I can’t watch!”

“Just don’t hurt me!”’



Some are removed quickly…

“What?  It’s out?  Is it out already?  Are you sure you got it?”

“Is it out yet?  Are you almost done?  Is it out?  How long is this going to take?”

“Just let me do it!”

Some students can watch, some freak out, and some want to do it themselves.    There are slivers that are removed as deftly as scaling a fish.  Others require the coordinated efforts of an excavation team.

These students, during their lifetimes, will face much more than a sliver’s worth of pain.  What part of our lesson plans teach them where to go for help?

Prov. 18:10

Isaiah 41:10