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Hidden Surprise

Theme- God’s treasure in nature and in us

Scripture- 2 Cor. 4:7; Psalm 19:1-3

Interactive Classroom Devotional

Level- Primary or Intermediate


Need:  computer/projector for slide show of agates

Intro or Hook:  Do you have a hidden treasure in your house?  You might have an agate and not even know it!

Activity:  Story, questions, and slide show about agates

“Yes--I’ll be careful-I’m just going exploring; be back in a couple of hours,” said Sam.  The screen door slammed behind him.  He was so glad to get out of the cabin, especially after 2 days of driving here in the car.  If he could just get away by himself for a bit--

“Take your sister!”  He stopped, clenched his hands, and then turned around.  Tani was on the front porch, her boots and orange jacket on.

You don’t need a jacket on today—it’s July, Sam thought.  If he had to look after her for their whole holiday, he would never have any fun. 

“Come on, Tani.”

“I’m scared to go down the steps by myself.  Help me, Sam.”

“Here--take my hand.”

“I want to look for rocks,” Tani said as they walked toward the beach.

“Why do you always want to carry rocks around?  I always end up holding them for you,” said Sam.  “Now, stay with me, Tani.  See that water?


“That’s the ocean.  You can’t touch the water until Dad and Mom come, OK?”

“OK, Sam.”

“Let’s walk…this way.”  Sam pointed toward a pile of wood down the beach.

They were almost there.  Sam's hand was sweaty.  He let go of Tani and picked up a rock.  

"Tani, watch-- I'm going to hit the big log on the right,!"  The rock thudded against the log and bounced off.

"Don't throw the rock away, Sam.  Rocks are nice.  They might be treasure."  Tani pulled at his jeans.

"I'd be careful where you throw rocks around here—there could be someone sitting on the other side of that driftwood pile that you can't see."

"Who is that, Sam?" Tani dug her nails into his arm.

"Ouch—I don't know!" 

"It's just me—over here," said the voice.

"Wh—where are you?" Sam stood still, scanning the beach.

"Over here, behind this dune.  Didn't mean to scare you.  I'm Jace."

Sam saw a boy about his age with a plastic bag in his hand.

"Oh—you blended right in—I couldn't even see you.  Hi—I'm Sam—this is my little sister, Tani."  Tani hung tight to Sam.  "Are you on holidays?"

"Nah—I live here with my grandpa.  You?"

"I'm on holidays with my family.  What are you making?"

"Just working on my kite.  Here—I'll show you."

"You have a kite?”  Sam asked.  "Can you fly it?"

"Yea, I can fly it.  Want to see?"

"Sure!  Like…right here?"  Sam asked.

"Well, you have to be closer to the water so you have more room," said Jace.  "Come on over here."

"Did you name it?" Sam asked.

"Well, it's a 2-skewer roller," said Jace.  "I want to get really good at building and flying them and then enter a competition."

"Did you make it from a kit?"  Sam asked.

"No, just found directions on the internet.  Then I got the bamboo skewers and some tape.  The plastic is just trash bags.”

"That sounds like fun.  I've never really built anything like that before.  I'm mostly into sports," said Sam.

"My grandpa won't care if you come over.  We could work on it together," said Jace. 

"Wow—that's nice, but I—my parents—I'd have to check with them first, then I have my sister with m—oh—wait, where is she—Tani!"  Sam swirled around.  “TANI!" 

He looked back at Jace.  "Hey--can you help me find my sister?  I don't know where to look first!"

Jace stood where he was, his head down.

"Jace—help me, please!"

"Sorry, I was just saying a prayer.  Let's check along the water first.  You go that way, back the way you came.  I'll go this way."

"OK!"  Sam took off, searching the water.  "TAAAA-NIIII!"  His legs felt rubbery.  How could I have let go of her hand?  Dad & Mom are going to be so mad!  What if I don't find her—what do I say to them?"

He stopped.  There in the surf was Tani's orange coat.  "TANI!"  He ran into the surf, then fell.  Coughing and sputtering, he flailed around.  The coat was out of his reach.  "She's drowning!"  He ran back to the beach toward Sam.  "JACE—JACE—TANI'S DROWNING!  PLEASE HELP ME!!!"  He could see Jace in the distance walking toward him.  He was carrying something.

Jace got closer.  "Sam, calm down—it's OK,"


"Sam, she's right here.  I have her!"

"What?  Tani!"  Sam grabbed her out of Jace's arms and gave her a big hug.

"What happened?  Where was she?"

"Stop, Sam—don't—you're all wet and cold—stop!"  Tani struggled to get loose.

"Sam, she was right on the other side of that driftwood pile."

"But the coat--"

"She said that you wanted her to carry her own rocks, so she put them in her pocket.  They she was hot, so she took off her coat."

"I didn't touch the water, Sam; I just put my coat right next to the water.  Then the water pulled it away so I hid behind the wood 'cause I was scared."  

"Tani, why are you crying?"  Sam hugged her again.

"Because my pretty rocks are gone!  I only have 3 left.  Jace is carrying them in his pocket.  Thank you, Jace."

"You're welcome, Tani."

"Wow, Jace—thanks for finding her."  Sam slumped to the sand.

"Hey—my grandpa's house is right there—I have some dry clothes—want to go up?

"OK—I can't stop my teeth from chattering."

They climbed the dune to an old beach house.  The wood felt strange under Sam's sandy feet.

"Gramps—it's me.  I have friends with me," Jace called out.  “Here are your rocks, Tani.  Sam, wait here.  I’ll go get the clothes.”

“Pretty rocks!” said Tani, looking around the room.

“Do you like those?”  A gray-haired man entered the room.

“Yes.  I have rocks, but they’re not pretty like yours.”  Tani said.

“Here are the clothes, Sam, and this is my Gramps,” said Jace.

“Hello—it’s nice to meet you.  Thanks for letting us come in,” said Sam.

 “Sam, go ahead and change,” said Jace.  “My room is first door on the left.”

“It looks like your friend went swimming today,” said Grandpa.

“Well, it’s kind of a long story,” said Sam.

“Can I see the rocks?” asked Tani.

“We’ll look at them after Sam changes clothes.  Why do you like rocks, Tani?” Jace asked.

“They are pretty.  But my pretty ones are in the big water,” said Tani.

“How about if we all have some hot chocolate.  Does that sound good?  Your brother got pretty cold in that water,” said Gramps, getting mugs out of the cupboard.

“Oh—I love hot chocolate more than rocks,” Tani clapped her hands.

“Sometimes rocks that look plain on the outside have a pretty inside,” said Jace.  “Sam is back.  Gramps, can you show them your rocks?”

“Sure, after I pour this hot chocolate.  There,” Gramps pushed the mugs towards the children.   “Come on over to this table,” he said.

“Look at the funny shapes!  This one looks like it has eyes!” Tani laughed.

“Wow—some of these are huge!  Look at all of the colours!  What are these called?” asked Sam.

“These are agates,” said Gramps.  “I collected them from different places I have been, just like Tani.  I cut some of them open to see the hidden treasure inside.  Then I polish them so they are smooth and shiny.  Let me see your rocks, Tani.”

Tani showed her small collection.

“Well, Tani, it looks like you may have an agate here,” said Grandpa.

“But it’s not pretty,” she said.

“Watch what happens when I hold this light underneath it,” said Grandpa.  He pulled a small flashlight and waved it slowly under the rock.

“Look—the light comes through,” said Tani.

“Cool—how are they made?” asked Sam.

“When lava rock formed, sometimes gas was trapped in it.  When the gas left, that hole filled with fluid that had dissolved silica and mineral impurities.  The silica slowly crystallized into quartz.   Most of Gramps’ rocks are agate, which is a type of chalcedony; this type is translucent—or the kind that light comes through,” said Jace.  

“These rocks are kind of like us, Sam.  God made the rocks and us.  Even though we’re sometimes not much to look at on the outside, He has put a treasure in us if we are His child.  Tani, if you let me borrow your rock, I can polish it in my rock tumbler.  I might be able to crack it open and you could see the design inside,” said Grandpa.

“Oh, yes!” said Tani. “I would like that.”

“Well, we should probably be going, Jace.  Thanks for telling us about the agates.  Thanks for the hot chocolate, too,” Sam said to Grandpa.

“You are very welcome.  Are you here all week?”

“Yes, actually 2 weeks,” said Sam.

“Well then, said Gramps, “Why don’t you and your folks come over for dinner tomorrow night?  We can have a big fish fry, and I can show Tani how I shine up her rock.  And, don’t forget your clothes, Sam.”

As they left the house, Jace asked, “Do you mind if I walk you home so I know where you are staying?”

“Sure—that would be cool,” said Sam, taking Tani’s hand.  They headed down the beach.  “You know, Jace, you told me that you had said a prayer when Tani was lost.  Did that work?” Sam asked.

“I believe that God helped me find Tani.  And, He knew we were going to have this conversation, Sam,” said Jace.  

“Sam!  Sam!  Look—my coat!” Tani pulled her hand loose and ran to an orange mound.

“Looks like someone fished it out of the surf, or the tide brought it in,” said Jace.

“My pretty rocks are here!”  Tani jumped up and down.  “Maybe these are agates, too!”

“Tani, we’ll hold them up to the light when we get home,” said Sam, as they continued walking. “Jace, maybe God helped Tani find her rocks.  Maybe he helped me get the coat back, too, so Dad and Mom wouldn’t be so upset.”

“We’ll talk about it some more when you come back,” said Sam.

“Here’s our place,” said Sam.  “Want to come in?”

“Sure,” said Jace.  “You’re going to need help telling this story!”



-You probably have access to hidden treasure right now in your classroom.  Where could that be? (Bible)

-2 Cor. 4:7 talks about this treasure that we have in us (earthen vessels).  This is the knowledge of the glory of God—what He has done for us as believers. It’s then our responsibility to share that with others.

-It sounds like Jace and Gramps might have this treasure in their hearts.  How is Jace beginning to share it with Sam? (Answering his questions about God; offering to talk more about it at their next visit)

-How is Gramps sharing about the treasure in his heart? (Using his hobby to share the Gospel with the children)

Slide Show- 2 kinds of chalcedony: agate & jasper