Devotions for Teachers

Devotions for Teachers

Do You Want the Truth?

The day was not going well.  The two boys had hounded and pestered each other throughout the morning, and the Special Ed. Assistant listened one last time.  Abandoning the academics, she took them out to the empty playground for some social skills work.  The goal:  to practice positive put-ups, and to carry that practice back inside for the rest of the day.  It worked for awhile…

Child A- “You’re good at math.”

Child B- “You’re good at trains.”

Child A- “You’re good at biking.”

Child B- “You’re good at drumming.”

Child A- “You’re good at swimming.”

Child B- “You’re good at directions.”


Child A- “Mrs. T….to be truthful, this is probably the only sincere thing I’ve said so far:  I’m really glad that you are helping Dylan and me this year.  I like working with you.”

Aren’t you glad our true Friend always tells us exactly what we need to hear?