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Devotions for the Classroom

God’s Gastropods

Interactive Classroom Devotional- Science/Bible/Art

Topic:   Iron-plated Snail as God’s Creation

Scripture: Genesis 1:20-25

Level: Late Primary/Early Intermediate


-Art supplies (drawing paper, pencils, pencil crayons, crayons, sharpies)

-How to draw a snail (without steps, some kids will shut down at this point!)-  

- KWL chart on paper, board or computer -  

-Map showing Indian Ocean

 Hook:  Have you ever held a snail?

Vocabulary:  Indian Ocean, iron-plated, armour, hydrothermal vents, iron sulfide


-Begin a KWL chart with students on snails

-Discuss land & pond snails-- how they are made & what they do 

-Fold drawing paper in half; Label as “Land Snail”; draw a simple snail

-Discuss iron-plated snail

-Where else has God allowed snails to live? (ocean)

-What would it need to be able to live there?

-Would a snail need armour?  Why would God create a snail like this?

-How did God show his care for the snail? (protected by armour)

-Show picture of iron-plated snail; how are they the same?  Different?

-Label other half of drawing paper as “Ocean Snail”; draw simple snail again, but with changes 

 Read up: